Fertilization during the flowering season in agriculture


Flowering is a brief period, since most of the flowers wither very quickly, however, it is a fundamental process since the processes of pollination, fertilization, seed formation and initial fruit growth occur in it, which will define to a significant extent the quantity and quality of the final harvest.

Flowering is essential, especially in certain crops such as fruit and horticultural crops, whether in the open air or in greenhouses, since the main commercial products of these crops are the fruits.

During flowering the following stages usually happen:

  • Possible elongation of the floral peduncle
  • Opening of the corolla followed by the appearance of stamens and pistils
  • Dehiscence of the anthers and dispersion of pollen
  • Receptivity of the pistils with frequent appearance of stigmatic fluid


The time of flowering depends mainly on the species, being able to develop earlier or late depending on the cultivated variety. Normally it is carried out between the spring and autumn seasons, being the so-called long-day plants those that bloom between spring and early summer and the short-day plants the ones that bloom in the autumn.

In this way, the flowering process is closely related to four main factors: hormonal activity, environmental conditions (light and temperature), water availability and balanced nutrition.
Regarding nutrition, during the flowering crops of agronomic interest, either in greenhouse or outdoors, need to maintain constant levels of nitrogen, and provide phosphorus and potassium, but not in excessive amounts, since excess nutrients can lead to a nutritional imbalance, decreasing the positive effect.

It is also important to provide micronutrients such as boron that participates in pollination, flowering and seed production and is of great importance for the hormonal regulation of plants. As well as the Molybdenum, whose lack in the crop produces a reduction of the growth of the plant and the flowering.

In addition, this flowering process requires large amounts of energy that is used mostly in the production of amino acids that help in the process of plant reproduction.
In this sense, ADLER AGRO has developed a specific nutritive solution for this delicate and transcendental phase of the crop. FLOWER is a biostimulant based on amino acids and micronutrients that improves the nutritional state of the plant, stimulating physiological functions that occur at this moment of the cycle.

Its high content of complexed boron and molybdenum ensures an easy assimilation of these nutrients, increasing viability of pollen, flower fertility and promoting fruit setting.

Thanks to its high content of amino acids, FLOWER allows the plant to overcome adverse weather conditions or stress that especially affect pollination and fruit, increasing the germinative power of the pollen grain and the elongation of the pollen tube.

The formula created by ADLER AGRO guarantees an increase of the flowering and the setting of the crop, and therefore an increase in its production.

Iran Technical Visit 2018

One of the main virtues of Adler Agro is the closeness with its customers and the technical support adapted to their conditions.

In this case, a technical visit to Iran was made, by the hand of our distributor for this country, in which several technical conferences on citrus and Adler Agro products were held, as well as different field visits where we achieved to connect with the problems of local farmers, managing to solve in the most efficient and effective way possible the difficulties that these producers face in their day to day.
This kind of technical visits provide exceptional technical and human support to our customers and strengthen cooperation and trust between end users (farmers), distributors and Adler Agro.

We thank our distributor for its success in organizing the visit, and all the participants in the technical conferences and field visits, who have shown great interest in our products.

Egypt – Sahara Exhibition 2017

Sahara Exhibition 2017

Adler Agro shows the new available products for the Egyptian market in the 30th Sahara Exhibition, thanks to our exclusive distributor for the country. The fair took place in Cairo during 27th and the 30th of September, with visitors and companies from different countries.

We thank our distributor Alforsan for their success in participating in the event, and all visitors, who have shown a great interest in our products.


Sahara Exhibition 2017

Sahara Exhibition 2017


Adler Agro obtains Sohiscert Organic Certification following the Council Regulation (EC) No. 834/2007 on organic production and labelling of organic products for:

  • AMINO NATURE – Amino acids
  • BROTOSTIM – Mix of micronutrients
  • FULVIC NATURE – NK Organic Fertilizer
  • HUMIC - Leonardite
  • MIX COMPLEX – Mix of micronutrients


For further information, do not hesitate to contact our technical department.

Ripening – BRIX

Maduracion Brix

BRIX is a liquid biostimulant that contains en its formulation polysaccharides, Calcium, Magnesium and complexed microelements, which favour the creation and accumulation of sugar, improving the quality and ripening of the fruit.

Several trials performed by Adler Agro evidence the effectiveness of the product BRIX, both on the increasing of sugar in the fruits and on a higher uniformity and advanced ripening and harvesting.

On ripening season of many of our crops, Adler Agro recommends the application of BRIX for improving the harvesting quality.

Last February our greek distributors presented Adler Agro products in “Kipotechnika professional 2017”, celebrated in Athens (Greece).

There were many farmers and technicians who approached the stand to get familiar with our wide range of products.

Frost Defence: protector frente a heladas

Estamos en época de heladas en nuestra latitud, y es momento de pensar en soluciones viables que eviten en la medida de lo posible los daños que causan.

Frost Defence es un producto líquido formulado a base de ácidos orgánicos que recubre la superficie exterior de las plantas, impidiendo así la pérdida de agua a causa de las bajas temperaturas y minimizando el daño causado  por estas condiciones adversas.

FROST DEFENCE está indicado para proteger nuestros cultivos de heladas por radiación, y protege a la planta (sobretodo a las flores y los frutos) hasta una temperatura de -3ºC y por espacio de 10 días aproximadamente.

Es recomendable aplicar FROST DEFENCE 24-48 horas antes de la previsión de heladas. El producto se degrada sin afectar a la calidad de los frutos y sin dañar a la planta en ningún modo.

Fair – Growtech Eurasia Antalya 2016

Feria Antalya 2016


As every day, Adler Agro participed in the International Growtech Eurasia Fair celebrated in Antalya (Turkey).

The fair was a complete success, in both, organization and number of visitors.

We thank our distributors in Turkey for their help and support during these days.

Ca-Fulvic: soil conditioner


ADLER AGRO launches a new product: Ca-Fulvic

One of the most common problems in cultivated soils is the accumulation of sodium salts, making soil lose its balance and provoking adverse effects for plants.

Ca-Fulvic is a concentrated solution of complexed Calcium with lignosulphonic acid. This reduced the percentages of exchangeable sodium down to convenient limits for crops.

Furthermore, this product contains organic acids which help preserve the balance in soil, improving structure, drainage, etc.

ADLER AGRO continues searching for solutions to the main problems farmers have, always expanding and improving our catalogue.