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Bolivia Technical Visit 2018


Personalized technical support to our clients in Bolivia.


From ADLER AGRO we work every day to provide our customers with the best technical support that allows them to be technically trained and to promote our products better.

In this case, a technical visit was made to Bolivia, by the hand of our distributor for this country. In which several technical conferences on crop stress, climate change and Adler Agro products were held.

Likewise, our distributor organized different field visits where we achieved to connect with the problems of local farmers. Managing to solve in the most efficient and effective way possible the difficulties that these producers face in their day to day. In addition, it was possible to know first hand the benefits that our products were bringing to different crops in the area.

This kind of technical visits provide exceptional technical and human support to our customers and strengthen cooperation and trust between end users (farmers), distributors and Adler Agro.

We thank our distributor for its success in organizing the visit, and all the participants in the technical conferences and field visits, who have shown great interest in our products.



Visit from our distributor for Romania to our facilities in Albuixech

Certainly, one of the things that differentiate ADLER AGRO is the closeness and treatment to its customers and distributors. In this regard, last week we had the pleasure of receiving our distributor exclusively for Romania at our headquarters in Albuixech. In this way, we were able to show them first-hand our facilities and offices, as well as introduce them to a large part of the human team of ADLER AGRO.

Thanks to this kind of visits we further strengthen the ties that bind us with our distributors and increase the trust between both sides. We firmly believe that this is the way to establish lasting and highly productive partnerships for both parties, creating a joint win win strategy and reinforcing existing synergies.

Finally, we take the opportunity to thank our distributor for the effort and kindness provided to make this visit a success.

Brotostim increased the weight of the yield in grapevine by 124%


In an experiment carried out in a vineyard in Albacete, Brotostim was able to increase the weight of the harvest in a vineyard with hail damage up to 124%.


A recent study developed by ADLER AGRO in a vineyard in Villarrobledo (Albacete) has revealed that Brotostim was able to more than double the final grapevine harvest, even after suffering severe damage by hail.

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Climate change and crop stress


Climate change is directing current agriculture towards the need for anti-stress products that help maintain the yields.


Climate change is a problem of great importance for society in general and for agriculture and animal husbandry in particular. Due to the instability situation that it generates, crops are increasingly subjected to all kinds of stresses.

Also, the effects of climate change are increasing, and numerous studies point to devastating impacts in agriculture with only one planet 3ºC hotter as shown in the following image.


In the previous image you can see how the most productive areas of the planet will greatly reduce their harvests, while other areas will become more productive and there will even be new arable land due to global warming.


This fact confirms the pressure exerted by stress on the crops of the future. In this context the use of new agricultural solutions capable of combating stress and its catastrophic effects is indispensable.

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Technical training in Romania


Specialized technical training seminars for our distributor in Romania.


Last week we were training the sales teams of our exclusive distributor for Romania. In three days we formed 10 different sales teams from all over the country, with a total of approximately 60 people trained.

The reception and the response to the conferences were magnificent, for that reason, we greatly appreciate the effort and dedication of our distributor in the organization of the events.

AGRI GREEN EXPO 2018 of Ismailia (Egypt)


ADLER AGRO was present at the Local Agriculture Fair of Ismailia.


The fair took place at the beginning of July 2018 and was a complete success. In this local event ADLER AGRO was present thanks to our exclusive distributor for Egypt.

In this way, we want to thank the trust placed in our products and congratulate them for the success of their participation in the event.

Likewise, we would like to thank the visitors who visited the stand for the interest shown in our products.

Successful application of ADLER AGRO products in Vietnam


Increase of Coffee and Gerbera yields in Vietnam thanks to our products.


Our customers in Vietnam congratulated us for the high efficiency of our products, and showed us the good results they have obtained in the coffee and gerbera crops in the Province of Lam Dong.

We greatly appreciate the support to our distributor in Vietnam for the good results achieved. News like this encourages us to continue striving every day.

Marigold flowering


Successful results for the application of FLOWER in a Marigold crop.


Our customers in Peru recently tested our product Flower in a Marigold crop and they are delighted with the results.

According to what they have told us, thanks to Flower they have observed a significant increase in the number of flowers and they have congratulated us for it.

We wish you many more successes in your crops and we thank both our exclusive distributor for Peru and their customers, for the interest shown in our products and their unconditional support.

Burgur Agriculture Regional Fair 2018 (Turkey)


ADLER AGRO was present in the Burgur Agriculture Regional Fair 2018 in Turkey.


Our exclusive distributor for Turkey was present at the last Regional Burgur Fair of Agriculture. The fair took place between April 26 and 29 of 2018 and counted with the presence of many companies and visitors from all over the country.

We take this opportunity to thank our distributor for their effort and dedication in the promotion of our products and congratulate them for their success in participating in the event.

Likewise, we would like to thank all the visitors who visited the stand of the fair for the interest shown in our products.

Fertilization during the flowering season in agriculture


Flowering is a brief period, since most of the flowers wither very quickly. However, it is a fundamental process in agriculture. Since the processes of pollination, fertilization, seed formation and initial fruit growth occur in it, which will define to a significant extent the quantity and quality of the final harvest.

Flowering is essential, especially in certain crops such as fruit and horticultural crops. Since the main commercial value of these crops are the fruits.

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