Complex Family

Liquid deficiency correctors

Complex family are a range of deficiencies correctors based on liquid formulations rich in micro and macro-elements. Thank to the properties of their complexing agents, they improve the absorption of nutrients for both, soil and foliar applications, and enhance the mobility of these elements inside the plant.

These formulations are especially suited to prevent and correct all kinds of deficiencies, allowing the correct development of the plant.

K Complex

Liquid fertilizer with a high concentration of Potassium

Indicated product to meet the Potassium needs , especially when the plant have a higher demand of this element.

Mix Complex

Multiple deficiencies corrector

Mix Complex corrects deficiencies of Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B and Mo.

Zn-Mn Complex

Zinc and Manganese deficiencies corrector

Prevents and corrects deficiencies caused by Zinc and Manganese

Mo Complex

Molybdenum deficiency corrector

Mo Complex prevents and corrects deficiencies of Molybdenum, favoring a gradual uptake and avoiding toxicities.

B-Mo Complex

Boron and Molybdenum deficiencies corrector.

Liquid formulation of complexed Boron and Molybdenum with slow release action.

B Complex

Boron deficiency corrector in ethanolamine form

B Complex enhances the absorption, action and mobility of boron in the plant.

Ca – B Complex

Calcium and Boron deficiencies corrector.

Liquid formulation of complexed Calcium and Boron.

Ca Complex

Calcium deficiency corrector.

Liquid fertilizer with high concentration calcium complexed.

Mg Complex

Magnesium deficiencies corrector

It is a liquid solution of Magnesium Nitrate, free of chlorines and sulphates.

Cu Complex

Copper deficiencies corrector

Cu Complex is a liquid Copper deficiencies corrector complexed with gluconic acid.