Stimulator of self-defence mechanisms

Product based on plant extracts which forms a physical barrier against pathogens. This product is not available in Spain


Cinnel is a product formulated based on potassium soap and Cinnamon extract.



The product is a mixture of potassium soap with cinnamon extract. This combination generates a physical barrier with a drying effect against fungal diseases, such as powdery mildew.

Cleans leaves from eggs and molasses produced by sucking insects. It also has a repellent effect against white and red mites

Withal, it provides the plant with K and it has an invigorating effect that improves the quality of the crops.


Cinnel is recommended for all crops. It is recommended to apply by foliar application, wetting the underside as well as the bearn of leaves. It is a zero residue product, presenting no safety period.


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