Fosfo Cu

Potassium phosphite enriched with chelated copper.

PK fertilizer containing chelated copper which acts as activator of natural plant defenses. This product is not available in Spain.


FOSFO Cu is a natural defenses promoter that induces the synthesis of phytoalexins, increasing crop resistance against possible attacks of fungi and bacteria, combining the effects of phosphite and copper to achieve an effective synergy.

It also provides a high content of phosphorus, potassium and copper. The phosphite ion combined with the chelating agent EDTA enhance the assimilation of the elements and their mobility within the plant, thanks to its systemic mode of action.

Application and dosage:

FOSFO Cu is recommended for all crops, by both foliar and soil application. Preventive treatments are recommended, wetting thoroughly the entire plant.

Commercial presentations:

Containers 1L, 5L and 20L.

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