Frost Defence, the solution against frost

Every year, at the beginning of sprouting or flowering, there is a risk of frost that can harm your crop. Frost damage occurs due to the formation of ice inside the tissue of plants, which can cause more or less severe damage to the cells of our culture.

The plants have an adaptation to low temperatures, called « hardening ». This mechanism causes the plants to harden, due to the increase of solutes in the tissue, which makes them to better withstand the low temperatures.

Farmers also have their own cultural methods in case of frost, such as abundant irrigation before a frost, the use of thermal mulch during the winter months, etc. These methods, although effective, are sometimes not enough to fully protect our plants.

Adler Agro, in accordance with its mission to provide effective and innovative solutions, presents Frost Defense, a product based on organic acids that covers the surface of the plant, preventing to a great extent the damage caused by frost.

In case of frost, it is recommended to carry out, in a preventive way, a homogeneous foliar application of the product, wetting the entire surface correctly, twenty-four hours before the forecast of frosts.