Youth and agriculture

Although the food industry has an 8% weight in the Spanish GDP, and this same sector employs about 2 million people, the figure of the professional farmer is not as defended as it is in other countries.

We are in an era of change, new challenges and search for alternatives to conventional routes, and in a country where youth unemployment rate is around 50%. Some of these young people come from families of farmers. Families who did not want their children to follow in the family business because «not profitable» or «no future». However, agriculture is a real economy. It is a strategic sector for other countries, but in Spain we still do not care for the things we eat every day.

For young people who decide to pursue a profession vocation in the food industry it is much harder to achieve success. The main problems are with funding for all the necessary, and the lack of counseling, access to land, etc.

It is true that are expanding aid and have facilitated the access roads to the sector, but the variable price in the market becomes problematic. Because the product offered is perishable, farmers need distributors who pay the minimum price for 200% upload to the final consumer. We are going to park this theme not deviate so far from the main plot: The agricultural sector and youth.

There are studies that predict that in 8-10 years, the profession of farmer will be most in demand. Assuming that agriculture is not an office use, young people must take to the field an improvement. These improvements can be understood in many ways. Agriculture can be a very innovative sector: New technologies in machinery, new varieties of improved seeds, more ecological fertilizer and powerful… And all this with a good promotion and communication can be achieved.

So, from Adler Agro, we support this initiative in the sector and offer our products and advice to all those who want to start in this world.