Quelate, total efficiency

The existence of elements such as Iron, Zinc, Manganese or Copper in the earth crust is abundant. On the other hand, many of our crops show deficiencies of these and other elements. For example, Iron in one of the elements which can be found in higher levels in soil, with a 3.8% average. However, ferric chlorosis is one of our most common problems in the field.

There are several causes that explain why Iron is not available for plants:

– The biggest percentage of Iron found in soil is Fe+3. This form is the least assimilated by the roots.

– Furthermore, as the pH in the soil increases, this form precipitates being no longer available.

– Low temperatures, an excess of phosphorus and an excess of heavy metals also contribute to lower the availability of Iron.

Plants have to two strategies through which they are capable of increasing the availability of Iron in the soil solution:

– Monocots non-gramineous and dicotyls can lower the pH of the rhizosphere, so Fe+3 solubilizes and promotes the reduction to Fe+2, which is available for the plants.

– Gramineous plants excreet phytosiderophores which solubilize Fe+3 ions, forming a complex Fe- phytosiderophores.

The use of chelates is the most efficient way of correcting ferric chlorosis and other nutritional deficiencies. Chelates are a chemical compound in which an organic molecule surrounds and links through different points to a metallic ion, protecting it from any exterior action, avoiding its hydrolysis and precipitation.

For explaining it in a simple way, a chelate is a substance which joins to Iron or any other metal, helping its easier absorption by the plant.

The mode of action of the chelate goes as follows:

a) It increases Iron solubilisation.

b) It transports Iron towards the roots of the plants.

c) It gives away Iron to the plant.

d) The organic part of the chelate goes back to the soil for solubilising more Iron.

In Adler Agro we have a wide range of chelates, in between them we can highlight Fe EDDHA 4.8 o-o. In between its characteristics, it stands out its high stability that keeps Iron available for the plants during a long time, correcting iron deficiencies in the crops.

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