New products

Adler Agro, constantly innovating, releases three new products with which give efficient solutions to farmers.


Amino is a high-quality product, formulated with synthesis amino acids, and particularly suitable for helping the plant overcome stressful moments produced by external factors, such as droughts, frosts, etc.

Amino Start

Amino Start is a product based on amino acids with NPK. Its application improves the crops vegetative development, in particular extensive crops, cereals, oilseeds, etc., providing the crop with the essential nutrients needed for a correct development during its first stages up to blooming stage.

Amino Set

Is an other product specially formulated for extensive crops, cereals, oilseeds, etc., but in this case it improves grain or fruit fattening. It must be applied during setting and fattening stages of the seed.

With this three products, Adler Agro has a wide range of products with amino acids, embracing nutritional needs of the most representative crops.