Trials in rice

Rice cultivation at this time of year is ending the tillering period.

The tillering begins with the appearance of the bud located in the axilla of the first complete leaf, which will give rise to the first side shoot. New buds will appear from the upper leaves that will give rise to new side shoots. These (primary side shoots) will be able to sponsor again giving rise to secondary side shoots, and so on until the maximum tillering.

The tillering will be greater or less depending on the conditions of the crop. Low plant density, fertile soil, and suitable climatic conditions will favor tillering.

The rice growers, at this time of year, usually remove the water to carry out various jobs such as phytosanitary treatments (usually herbicides) or for manual weeding. At Adler Agro we are going to take advantage of this moment to carry out several trials in Cullera (Valencia) with two of our products that we have under development.

We are very hopeful that the trials will be a success, and that we can expand our catalog with products developed especially for cereals.