Amino Start and Amino Set

They are two fertilizers formulated based on amino acids and rich in NPK specially designed to improve production in extensive crops and cereals.

What effects do AMINO START and AMINO SET have?

Traditionally the application of specific products for cereals or extensive crops has not been considered by farmers. Normally NPK is applied to soil and it is the only nutritional supply to the crop.

AMINO START and AMINO SET are two products formula based on amino acids with different essential elements. These are specially designed for assisting the vegetative development and grain development in extensive crops such as cereals, oil seeds, leguminous etc.


Are AMINO START and AMINO SET effective?

Field trials carried out in Ávila and Valencia, Spain on different types of crops prove that AMINO START and AMINO SET are efficient products for increasing production in extensive crops.


In both trials a significant increase of the harvest was obtained.

The application of AMINO SET increased barley production by 4.2%. Also after analysing the samples, it was observed that the percentage of net protein has increased by 0.44% in the sample applied with AMINO SET than in the Control sample. In the rice crops, production increased by 13.5% thanks to the application of AMINO START and AMINO SET.