Brix promotes sugar concentration, improves colour of the fruits, obtaining a higher quality and profitability of the crop.

What importance does sugar content have in fruit?

Fruit is more appetising and tasted better with the more sugar they contain.

The value of the crops will also be higher when they have larger sugar content.

More importantly, it will accelerates the fruit ripening process and advanced the maturity time for early harvest.


Is BRIX effective?

Trials carried out in Benaguassil, Spain on orange crops and in Picassent, Spain on vine crops, which show that BRIX works.

Field trials performed by our company show that BRIX is an effective product that increases the sugar content in fruits.

Orange trial carried out in Benaguassil

Vine trial carried out in Picassent


On both trials, we obtained an increase of sugar content of approximately 5%.

Although we did not quantify it during the trial on grapes, we observed that the vines that were treated with BRIX advanced their maturity time with respect to those that were not treated.

Furthermore, during the trial of the oranges we observed a slight increase in the fruit size.