Brotostim is a growth stimulator based on microelements complexed with organic agents.

What effects does BROTOSTIM have?

BROTOSTIM is a product based on Copper, Manganese and Zinc complexed with organic agents. The product contains organic compounds which eases the translocation in the plant, both upstream and downstream.

It improves the general health of the plant, specially in vascular diseases, as it stimulate regeneration of the new crop cells.

BROTOSTIM is suitable on the first stages of the crops development as it stimulates cell division, enabling of axillary buds and the development of chloroplasts.

*Product suitable for Organic Farming

Is BROTOSTIM effective?

A trial carried out in Picassent, Spain during two consecutive years, proved the effectiveness of BROTOSTIM as it increased the production of grapes and improved the crops health.

In this trial the production of treated plants with BROTOSTIM were compared with those that were not treated. In addition, the incidences of vascular diseases in the crop were observed.


As you can observe in the graph, the application of BROTOSTIM in vine crops increases the production by approximately 5.7% in the first year and 6.6% in the next one.

It has also been observed that incidences related to neck fungal diseases were reduced by approximately 60% from the first year to the second one when treated with BROTOSTIM.