Biostimulant for root growth, that enhances soil conditions, microbial activity and provides nutrients for plant development.

What effects does ROOT have?

ROOT is a biostimulant rich in amino acids, polysaccharides and microelements. They encourage the development of the root system.

It stimulates young tissues growth, particularly roots during elongation processes and young seedlings during their vegetative growth.

ROOT increases cell multiplication, giving rise to an increase in the number of young roots that are longer and thicker, as well as a quicker vegetative growth.

*Product suitable for Organic Farming

Is ROOT effective?

Recent trials carried out in tomato seedbeds by a seedbed company (Planters Taches) in Valencia shows the effectiveness of BROTOSTIM and ROOT.

Among other things, the height and weight were evaluated in 45 plants (15 plants from the Control tray, 15 plants from the tray treated with ROOT and 15 plants from the tray treated with ROOT and BROTOSTIM).


The weight of the plant increased the most with Treatment 3 (ROOT+BROTOSTIM) by having a 22% more weight that the Control treatment. Where Treatment 2 (ROOT) has only a 10% weight increase than the Control.

In relation to the height of the plant, we also observed differences between the treatments and the Control. Specifically with Treatment 3 where it has increased by 38% and with Treatment 2 by 13% comparing to the Control treatment.

Treatment 3 (ROOT + BROTOSTIM) is the treatment that shows the most for the growth of the tomato plants in seedbeds, as all evaluated parameters gives a better results than in Treatment 2 (ROOT) and Control treatment.

Treatment 2 (ROOT) does shows growth of plants too but when compared to the application of BROTOSTIM + ROOT in Treatment 3, its effect is smaller.