Fe EDDHA 4.8 o-o

Fe EDDHA 4.8 o-o is an iron chelate for correcting ferric chlorosis, suitable for any type of crop.

Fe EDDHA 4.8 o-o has an optimum balance between ortho-ortho and otho-para isomers, ensuring the maximum protection and availability of iron for the plant.

It has a maximum stability in chalky and limy soils, being its pH stability interval of the chelated fraction from 3 to 11.

Fe EDDHA 4.8 o-o is recommended for all types of crops, preferably through soil application, as a higher performance is obtained. It is recommended to carry out preventive treatments throughout the crop cycle.

*Product suitable for Organic Farming

Is Fe EDDHA 4.8 o-o effective?

The use of Fe EDDHA 4.8 o-o ensure a higher stability in the soil, and a high efficiency in all types of crops.

A trial in peach carried out by ADLER AGRO in Alginet (Valencia) show the effectiveness of Fe EDDHA 4.8 o-o.

Two dosage of 25g/tree were conducted, applied through fertirrigation during spring-summer.


As it can be observed on the graph, the application of Fe EDDHA 4.8 o-o is effective against ferric chlorosis.

90 days after the start of the trial, the percentage of ferric chlorosis in the control plot was of 84.5%, while in the plot treated with Fe EDDHA 4.8 o-o was of 7.3%.

Therefore, the treatment of Fe EDDHA 4.8 o-o reduced the percentage of ferric chlorosis in a 77.2%.