Product with a formula based on high quality potassium soap and natural cinnamon and citrus seed extracts, for foliar application.

*Product for export

What kind of product is CITREX?

It is a high quality product with a formula based on natural vegetable extracts and potassium soap that protect plants from pest such as aphids or white flies, and diseases like powdery mildew, botrytis, etc.

*Product suitable for Organic Farming

Is CITREX effective?

A trial carried out in Puzol (Spain), showed the effectiveness of CITREX for controlling aphids in artichoke.

Three treatments where carried out in a crop infested by aphids:

  • Treatment 1: Control
  • Treatment 2: CITREX


As we can observe, CITREX product is effective for aphids control in artichoke crop. After three applications, the pest was reduced in a 70%.