The potassium soap is an organic and natural product manufactured from vegetable oils. It has excellent properties as a wetting agent.

*Product for export

What effects does K-Power have?

K-Power is a high quality soap which acts effectively cleaning eggs from leaves and reducing pest population levels.

It also cleans leaves from molasses produced by sucking insects such as aphids and white flies, and preventing the development of fungi such as sooty moulds. However it does not generate resistances for the plant.

It has an excellent properties as a wetting agent and increase the efficiency of treatments against insects.

It also provides the plant with potassium.

*Product suitable for Organic Farming

Is K-Power efficient?

A trial carried out in Benaguassil, Spain between shows the effectiveness of K-Power for controlling White flies (Bemisia tabaci) in orange trees.


In the results obtained from the evaluations, thanks to the application of K-Power, the number of individuals has been reduced by 53%, whilst in the Control treatment the number of individuals just decreased by 24.1%.