Ca Fulvic

Concentrated calcium solution complexed with lignosulfonic acid.

Which effect does CA FULVIC have on soil?

CA FULVIC mainly acts as a salinity corrector in those areas where soil or irrigation water contain a high concentration of salts, being a limiting factor for the correct development of crops.

The cation exchange has preferences for Calcium over the rest of cations.

For this reason, the use of CA FULVIC acts as a salinity corrector, unblocking agent and soil structure enhancer.

All along, CA FULVIC also acts as a corrector of calcium deficiencies

Is CA FULVIC effective?

Field trials performed by our company show that CA FULVIC is an effective product that reduces soil salinity and sodicity.

Our trials carried out in soil with salinity problems in Albuixech show that CA FULVIC works.


As the graph show, the surface where CA FULVIC was applied reduced the salinity of the soil to a greater extent (almost 0.5 dS more in average), while the surface irrigated only with water was less effective and slower, needing more washes and more water to reduce salinity to acceptable levels.

These data prove that CA FULVIC is effective reducing the salinity and sodicity levels in the soil.