Brotostim increased the weight of the yield in grapevine by 124%

In an experiment carried out in a vineyard in Albacete, Brotostim was able to increase the weight of the harvest in a vineyard with hail damage up to 124%.

A recent study developed by ADLER AGRO in a vineyard in Villarrobledo (Albacete) has revealed that Brotostim was able to more than double the final grapevine harvest, even after suffering severe damage by hail.

Within the vineyard chosen to carry out the study, plants that presented necrosis problems, as well as other vascular problems, were selected and divided into three different treatments:

1. Control treatment with traditional fertilization of the crop

2. Brotostim treatment plus traditional fertilization of the crop

3. Treatment with a Reference product of the market plus the traditional fertilization of the crop

In treatment 2 and 3, three different applications were made following these terms:

– First application when sprouts reach 15-20 cm: 200 cc/HL

– Second application from the beginning of flowering to pea size: 300 cc/HL

– Third application since fruit set to the beginning of fruit colour changing: 300 cc/HL

The trial took place between April and October of 2018, during this time different measurements of the sprouts of each of the selected plants were made and the final harvests of each of the treatments were also weighed.

With these data the following results were obtained:

As shown in the graph above, the plants that were treated with Brotostim achieved a 124% more weight regarding the control plants and up to 4.4% more weight than those treated with the reference product in the market.

These results reveal the potential of the ADLER AGRO product to promote sprouting and increase crop harvest.

In any case, in order to correctly analyse these data, we must bear in mind that there was a determining factor that greatly influenced the results of this study, hail.

The hail damage occurred just between the first two applications with Brotostim and the reference product. In this way, although the damage affected all the evaluated plants equally, it made the applications of these two products tested much more effective. Since they helped the plant not only to be more vigorous and produce more, but to recover quickly from the effects of hail.

This shows that Brotostim is not only an interesting product for adding it to the nutrition plan of your crops as stimulator of sprouting and vigor in the plant, but it is an ideal product to help the plant recover from various types of stress. abiotic like biotic.

What effects does BROTOSTIM have?

BROTOSTIM is a product based on Copper, Manganese and Zinc complexed with organic agents. The product can be easily translocated by the plant, both upstream and downstream, thanks to its content in organic compounds.

BROTOSTIM improves the general health of the plant, especially in vascular diseases, as it stimulates the regeneration of new crop cells.

BROTOSTIM is perfect for the first stages of crop development as it stimulates cell division, the activation of axillary buds and the development of chloroplasts.

How does BROTOSTIM improve the general state of the plant?

The organic complexing agents present in the product induce a quick absorption of the elements by the plant. It is then transported to the young parts of the plant, where it increases the growth of the crop in its first stages.

Copper is an important micronutrient during sprouting in deciduous crops and helps protecting it against fungal diseases, as it assists in the formation of cell wall.

Manganese promotes the formation of lateral roots and catalyses in the formation of chlorophyll.

Finally, Zinc has an important role in the production of growth hormones and in the elongation of internodes.

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