FLOWER, AMINO NATURE and BRIX great allies of the Horticultural produce

The combination of these three ADLER products has been very beneficial for tomato growers in Greece.

Our customers in Greece are very satisfied with the results of the combination of FLOWER, AMINO NATURE and BRIX in their greenhouse tomato crops.

The following photographs attest the great effects of these three ADLER AGRO products.

As they have told us, thanks to FLOWER they have observed a significant increase in the number of tomatoes.

Likewise, thanks to the application of AMINO NATURE, they told us that the quality and the size obtained, as well as the general health of the plant, increased remarkably, which allowed a reduction in the necessary phytosanitary treatments.

Finally, the homogeneity and coloring of the fruits was much greater thanks to the use of BRIX.

We wish you many more successes in your crops and we thank both our exclusive distributor for Greece and their customers, for the interest shown in our products and their unconditional support.