Sustainable agriculture to feed the world

Sustainable agriculture to feed the world

Sustainable agriculture to feed the world

The great demographic challenge of the future requires innovative and sustainable solutions that guarantee sufficient and quality food production.

As the statistics show, throughout the last century, agriculture based on the intensive use of resources developed in the so-called "Green Revolution" managed to increase world agricultural production, responding to the significant growth population produced after World War II.

However, the depletion of natural resources associated with this kind of agriculture endangers future agricultural productivity and alarmingly exacerbates climate change.

Likewise, this increase has not significantly reduced hunger globally, estimated at some 870 million people, due to social inequality, agricultural land grabbing, and food waste worldwide, among others.

All this context leads us to face one of humanity's most critical challenges, alleviate chronic hunger with a world population in full expansion without depleting natural resources or harming the environment. Considering that the world population is estimated to grow from the current 7,000 million people to 9,200 million people in 2050, you could imagine the huge demographic challenge.

In order to help fight this challenge, we must have innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to increase world food production by 60% sustainably.

In this sense, ADLER AGRO, thanks to its strong social and environmental commitment, has developed a wide range of highly innovative and technological agricultural solutions based on raw materials of excellent quality and of natural origin. More than half of our catalog is certified as "Suitable for use in Organic Agriculture".