Climate change and crop stress

Climate change is directing current agriculture towards the need for anti-stress products that help maintain the yields.

Climate change is a problem of great importance for society in general and for agriculture and animal husbandry in particular. Due to the instability situation that it generates, crops are increasingly subjected to all kinds of stresses.

Also, the effects of climate change are increasing, and numerous studies point to devastating impacts in agriculture with only one planet 3ºC hotter as shown in the following image

In the previous image you can see how the most productive areas of the planet will greatly reduce their harvests, while other areas will become more productive and there will even be new arable land due to global warming.

This fact confirms the pressure exerted by stress on the crops of the future. In this context the use of new agricultural solutions capable of combating stress and its catastrophic effects is indispensable.

A plant, when feeling some type of stress, maximizes its energy saving, decreases the loss of water and uses its supplies to maintain its vital functions instead of continuing to develop normally.

This is due to the fact that the plants, when subjected to an adverse situation, activate a series of protective measures such as the closure of their stomata, the reduction of photosynthetic activity and the acceleration of foliar senescence.

In this way, a stressed crop is a high-risk factor for agricultural crops and, therefore, for the profitability of the farmer.

In this sense, ADLER AGRO offers to the farmer a wide variety of biostimulant products with a high efficiency combating this kind of problems. Preparing the plant to withstand any kind of unexpected stress and helping it to recover after any adversity that could put the harvest at risk.

Specifically, ADLER AGRO products from our Amino Acid Family are formulated specifically to solve these imbalances caused by plant stress.
Plants, during stressful situations, need a high availability of amino acids to produce their own defence proteins against a particular factor.

Thanks to amino acids, it is possible to reopen or keep open stomata, increase photosynthesis and delay leaf senescence.

For all this, the absorption of amino acids by the plant helps to overcome adverse situations, since they strengthen the functions that the plant is developing at each moment.

In this sense, the use of amino acids in agriculture is a tool that can be very useful both to improve the production and quality of the harvest and to overcome moments of stress. Although it is necessary to have a knowledge of this type of products to buy the one that best suits the needs of your crop.

For this reason, at ADLER AGRO we are at your disposal for any technical questions you may have about our products. In order to recommend the best option for your needs and offer you the best technical service.