Microelements complexed with Amino Acids

Crops frequently suffer from deficiencies of certain nutrients such as Ca, Fe, Zn and Mn, as they are scarcely available due to pH or soil type. Therefore, when carrying out the nutritional program of the crop, the basic fertilization of NPK should be complemented with a contribution of microelements to ensure that we maintain the optimum levels of these nutrients and thus we cover all the needs of the plants.

The amino acids also promote growth and help overcome stress situations of the crop thanks to its powerful biostimulating effect. They also allow nutrients to be absorbed quickly and efficiently by plants.

Adler Agro completes its line of amino acids with a new range of micro and macroelements complexed with vegetable amino acids for foliar application. In order to prevent and correct deficiencies in all types of crops, improving absorption and translocation, and thus helping the plant to overcome any type of lack or stress.