Amino 80 WSP

AMINO 80 WSP is a solid fertilizer formulated with free amino acids from plant matter.

What effects does AMINO 80 WSP have?

Amino 80 WSP improves the plant's response to stress and acts as a development, flowering and fruit setting stimulant. Increasing the yield and quality of crops. In addition:

  • It directly provides the plant with the amino acids it needs throughout its cycle, thereby saving energy on the part of the plant, resulting in an improvement in the quality and production of the harvest.
  • Its application induces protein synthesis and favors vegetative development both at the time of transplantation and during sprouting until harvest time.
  • The absorption of amino acids by the plant helps to overcome adverse situations, since they strengthen the functions that the plant is developing at all times and combat stress.
  • In general, the contribution of amino acids to the plant stimulates flowering, increases the content of sugars and vitamins in the plant, and promotes fruit setting and coloring.


In the trial carried out, it was observed that the weight of the fruit and its size increased significantly compared to the control group, both in the case of treatment with AMINO 80 WSP and that of the reference product, although notably more in the case of AMINO 80 WSP.
Therefore, it became clear that the use of AMINO 80 WSP contributes to improving the yield and quality of the harvest.