Amino Nature

It is a liquid fertilizer formulated with amino acids from plant matter.

What effects does AMINO NATURE have?

AMINO NATURE directly provides the plant with the amino acids needed throughout its life cycle, with this comes a saving of energy, resulting in an improvement of the quality and the harvest yield.

Its application induces protein synthesis and stimulates plant development during transplantation and from sprouting to harvest.

It helps resume the development of plants that have suffered a vegetative stop due to adverse climate conditions.

* Product suitable for Organic Farming

Is Amino Nature effective?

In this trial, it has been evaluated the increase in weight of the lettuce in the first stages of the crop. It has been used Romaine lettuce. Two applications through drip irrigation were carried out in a time interval of 10 days.


In the trial, carried out in 20 plants in a “control” plot and in 20 plants treated with AMINO NATURE, it was observed that those plants treated with AMINO NATURE weighed 21,2% more then those not treated.

Therefore, as a conclusion, the use of AMINO NATURE contributes for a quick growth of the lettuce.