Seaweed Extract against Abiotic Stress

Abiotic stress is an important limiting element in agriculture. This kind of stress refers to all those environmental factors that slow down growth and decrease crop productivity, such as extreme temperatures, drought or salinity. The use of seaweed in agriculture considerably helps to counteract this stress in plants and allow their correct development.

Thanks to its high content of fibre, macro and microelements, amino acids, vitamins and plant phytohormones, seaweed act as a soil conditioner and contribute to the optimal functioning of the plant.

In addition, the Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract is a natural biostimulant and provides the plant with a natural balance of nutrients, carbohydrates, amino acids and antioxidants. The synthesis capacity of Ascophyllum nodosum provides necessary substances, which are involved in improving cellular metabolism and general plant conditions, acting as a biostimulant. Furthermore, because it is in adequate proportion for plants, it offers an outstanding effectiveness.

Some of the main reasons to use seaweed extract in agriculture:

-They provide an ideal combination that would not be achieved with isolated applications of its elements, achieving excellent advantages for the crop.

-Improves the soil condition due to its high organic matter content, contributing to the better functioning of the Soil-Plant system.

-The amino acids and vitamins contained in the seaweed extract act on the cellular metabolism, improving the enzymatic functions and favouring the assimilation of the mineral elements.

-They act in the plant stimulating cell elongation, activating their division and intervening in physiology in the processes of growth, flowering and fruit setting.

-Increases tolerance against environmental stress.

-Improves soil structure.

– Higher vegetative growth and larger fruits due to the combined action of Cytokinins and Auxins with amino acids and macro and microelements.

– Improvement of the organoleptic qualities of the fruits and their precocity, in addition to increasing the yield.

– It can be used in any crop, and by any method of application, such as fertigation or foliar.

Within the range of Biostimulants, ADLER AGRO has several biostimulants formulated with seaweed extract Ascophyllum nodosum such as ALGA NATURE, BIACTIVE and FRUIT.