Product based on high-quality natural nettle extract for foliar application.

What kind of product is ORTIMAX?

Ortimax is a solution based on nettle extract approved as basic substance according to Article 23 of Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009.

It is a product 100% natural and totally biodegradable, made exclusively from natural extracts of Urtica Dioica.

*Product usable in organic farming

Ortimax is not sold as a plant protection product, but it is useful for crop protection.



Action Mode

Ortimax presents a triple insecticide action:

• Coumarins stop the pest from feeding
• Formic acid creates a corrosive environment that inhibits the respiratory mitochondrial chain of insects
• Benzoic acids and other volatile acids have a strong repellent action

Ortimax presents also a fungicide action against Alternaria, Botrytis, Mildew, and others due to its Silice content.



• Reinforces the natural defense mechanism of plants
• Acts as a fertilizer or as a plant stimulant
• Rich content of secondary elements such as S, Si, and Mg and other microelements such as Fe and Mn
• Better caliber and quality of fruits
• Farmers could reduce plant protection products usage
• 100% organic and zero residue product
• Safe for the user and environmentally friendly
• Its inclusion in resistance management strategies is very useful