Iran Technical Visit 2018

Personalized technical support to our clients in Iran.

One of the main virtues of Adler Agro is the closeness with its customers and the technical support adapted to their conditions.

In this case, a technical visit to Iran was made, by the hand of our distributor for this country. During this visit, several technical conferences on citrus and Adler Agro products were held. As well as different field visits where we achieved to connect with the problems of local farmers. Managing to solve in the most efficient and effective way the difficulties that these producers face.

This kind of technical visits provide exceptional technical and human support to our customers. Also strengthen cooperation and trust between end users (farmers), distributors and Adler Agro.

Finally, We thank our distributor for its success in organizing the visit, and all the participants in the technical conferences and field visits, who have shown great interest in our products.