Marigold flowering

Marigold flowering

Marigold flowering

Successful results for the application of FLOWER in a Marigold crop.

Our customers in Peru recently tested our product Flower in a Marigold crop and they are delighted with the results.

According to what they have told us, thanks to Flower they have observed a significant increase in the number of flowers and they have congratulated us for it.

We wish you many more successes in your crops and we thank both our exclusive distributor for Peru and their customers, for the interest shown in our products and their unconditional support.

Fertilization during the flowering season in agriculture

Fertilization during the flowering season in agriculture

Fertilization during the flowering season in agriculture

Flowering is a brief period, since most of the flowers wither very quickly. However, it is a fundamental process in agriculture. Since the processes of pollination, fertilization, seed formation and initial fruit growth occur in it, which will define to a significant extent the quantity and quality of the final harvest.

Flowering is essential, especially in certain crops such as fruit and horticultural crops. Since the main commercial value of these crops are the fruits.

During flowering the following stages usually happen:

– Possible elongation of the floral peduncle

– Opening of the corolla followed by the appearance of stamens and pistils

– Dehiscence of the anthers and dispersion of pollen

– Receptivity of the pistils with frequent appearance of stigmatic fluid

The time of flowering depends mainly on the species, being able to develop earlier or late depending on the cultivated variety. Normally it is carried out between the spring and autumn seasons. Being the so-called long-day plants those that bloom between spring and early summer and the short-day plants the ones that bloom in the autumn.

In this way, the flowering process is closely related to four main factors:

– Hormonal activity

– Environmental conditions (light and temperature)

– Water availability

– Balanced nutrition

Regarding nutrition, flowering crops need to keep constant the level of nitrogen, and receive phosphorus and potassium. But not in excessive amounts, since excess nutrients can lead to a nutritional imbalance, decreasing the positive effect.

It is also important to provide micronutrients such as boron that participates in pollination, flowering and seed production and is of great importance for the hormonal regulation of plants. As well as the Molybdenum, whose lack in the crop produces a reduction of the growth of the plant and the flowering.

In addition, this process requires a lot of energy mostly for the production of amino acids involved in reproduction.

In this sense, ADLER AGRO has developed a specific nutritive solution for this delicate and transcendental phase of the crop. FLOWER is a biostimulant based on amino acids and micronutrients that improves the nutritional state of the plant, stimulating physiological functions that occur at this moment of the cycle.

Its high content of complexed boron and molybdenum ensures an easy assimilation of these nutrients. Thus increasing viability of pollen, flower fertility and promoting fruit setting.

Thanks to its high content of amino acids, FLOWER allows the plant to overcome adverse weather conditions or stress that especially affect pollination and fruit, increasing the germinative power of the pollen grain and the elongation of the pollen tube.

The ADLER AGRO formula guarantees an increase of the flowering and the setting, and therefore its production.